Business decisions, rocket science, and understanding the difference.


Part 1.  |  Have you ever heard the one definition of insanity that goes something along the lines of “doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.” Well, what you’ll find here are a series of thoughts, observations, suggestions, and anti-suggestions to help you briefly pause, reflect, and potentially act your way to a different outcome. That is, if your organization, department, and/or your P&L is/are in need of a different outcome. If everything is perfectly hunky dory in your workaday world, then bully for you! Congrats and keep it up! But if you have this repeated inkling that things at work shouldn’t be so difficult, or you find yourself wondering why even the seemingly best, smartest efforts continue to deliver less than desired results, then we invite you to read on. And keep on keeping on. Part 2: Are you collecting the “right” data? →