Business decisions, rocket science, and understanding the difference.

Part 5  |  When we last left you, we were discussing cutting through the inordinate amount of modern day communication-related clutter, to connect with your audience (i.e., existing/potential/previous customers) in a direct, effective, and, yes, clutter-cutting way. And here we thought technology was supposed to improve our ability to connect with our customers more directly, right? Mass marketing to an audience of one, anyone?

Well, this dream can still come true, as long as you approach the modern with some…wait for it….waaait for it… waaaaaaaait for it…old-school traditional marketing techniques in mind.

Let’s consider a situation. When is the last time you answered the call to action from an email that was pretty obviously generated within a Constant Contact or Mail Chimp-type email marketing campaign? Meaning, an email that had an actual service or product to offer, other than a generous $20,000,000.00 no obligation gift from a Nigerian prince?

Well, if the stats hold true…probably never. MAYBE one or two. Why? Well, there are a lot of emails being sent out. Many to purchased mailing lists. Many from companies you’ve never heard of, and for products/services for which you have no interest. Or, let’s say it is from a company you might be interested in hearing from, but the pitch, the promotion, or in the case the subject line, does nothing to interest you.


So what to do? Abandon email marketing, right? Or, maybe utilize the comparatively low-cost, potentially very high-return opportunity offered by this type of technology-driven communication platform (as well as SEO and mobile marketing and website optimization and, and, and) by implementing and executing it more effectively…with some of these simple, effective, traditionally strategic, clutter-cutting marketing tips.