INSIGHT #2: Develop Trust and Likability.

There’s an old business saying that goes something like, “People do business with people they like.” Despite the eye-roll cynicism that surrounds most of these business power phrases, this one rings true. People (i.e. consumers) want to do business with companies they like, and companies they trust.

According to recent consumer studies by Rare, 86% of consumers say loyalty is primarily driven by likability and 83% say by trust. Additionally, 1 out of every 4 consumers mention the terms “trust” and “consistency” as an important element of brand loyalty. What’s more, loyalty equals favoritism. When asked to name any brand to which they were loyal, 90% of shoppers named that brand as their favorite.




Although being grumpy works for Tardar Sauce (I admittedly own one of her mugs), it isn’t going to win over your customers, or grow your business.