INSIGHT #4: It pays to be nice.

Sorry. But it’s true. We wish it wasn’t. After all, who doesn’t want to be a narcissist, or a jerk, or a sociopath, or, at the very least, work for one?! Well, should you want your business to succeed, and/or your role within that organization to be a positive influence on your bottom line, you might want to keep reading, because according to most of the data out there, nice guys tend to finish first.




One such report, an exhaustive seven-year project by author Fred Kiel, founding partner of executive development firm KRW International, studied 84 CEOs and more than 8,000 of their employees. “A workforce that feels cared for is more productive than one that feels neglected, and that translates into bottom-line financial results,” Kiel notes. “So why do so many CEOs and their teams fail to create a work environment that promotes this kind of workforce engagement? Unfortunately, we … have seen that many senior leaders simply don’t know how to go about it and are afraid to try.”