INSIGHT #6: Phone’s Not Dead: And Here’s Why

So, you think today’s tech-savvy, digital-minded consumers are abandoning the phone in favor of digital outlets only? Not so fast, my cyber-centric friends. Although today’s shopper uses more channels to connect with businesses than ever before, picking up the phone to place an order or to resolve a customer service problem isn’t going away anytime soon.. In fact, over 50% of consumers will still switch from web to phone when they feel they really need an issue resolved. When people experience problems, they want a real voice on the other end to answer their questions and help resolve concerns.

But the phone isn’t coming back purely as a medium for customer service issues. In today’s market, advertisers know that phone calls convert at nearly 10x the rate of all the top digital channels, and they’re putting dollars towards them.




Studies indicate that 169 billion mobile calls will be made to businesses by 2020. And, according to recent consumer reports, nearly $1 trillion in U.S. spending is made via phone, with an estimated $80 billion in advertising spend focused on driving those calls.






But don’t bring back the VCR and bag phones and abandon digital communications just yet—supplement them. Give your customers the ease and flexibility of ordering online, responding via email, or receiving updates via text—and the reliability of being able to call and talk to a REAL human being when they have problems, or want a more personal service. And if your business finds answering the phone difficult at times, or you don’t know where to start, give us a call (pun intended). We’re experts in all things customer service and multi-channel interactions, especially phone. Although a nice 40-lb. bag phone/8-track could look pretty sweet…but that’s for another discussion!