Friday Insights:  Embrace Your Brand’s Uniqueness

We’ve all heard it before, “Don’t be 1 of a million, be 1 in a million.” Embracing our own uniqueness and identity is often something that is discussed around dinner tables and over cups of coffee, but what does it mean for your business? In the modern business world, a company must be agile and competitive to stay ahead. Realize what sets your brand apart, what makes you different (i.e. better), and embrace those characteristics—in your marketing and in your products and services. But don’t fall into the trap of being different just for difference’s sake—remember to always stay true to who you are.

The more you stand out to your customers, the more likely they are to remember your brand. In fact, recent studies suggest that nearly 30% of U.S. Consumers will change brands often just for the sake of variety and novelty. Defining your business’ unique attributes—and vehemently promoting them—will ensure customers find and stay with you (and for the right reasons).




Let’s imagine a scenario; say your business goes above and beyond to lessen its carbon footprint. Your process is clean and efficient, and the products recyclable. But sadly, none of your marketing efforts reflect this unique attribute. Come to find out, over 21% of Millennials, the market’s largest current consumer group, will switch brands if their products are not environmentally friendly. That’s nearly 1 out of every 4 consumers who would make the change, simply by learning about what makes your brand special.





Now, don’t go jumping on the green bandwagon in hopes of garnering loads of new customers (although we most definitely support going green with your business). Take some time, step back, and find out what really sets your brand apart in the marketplace. And, once you have it, run with it!