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How Much Do You Value Your Customers?

If the answer is some to very much, then keep reading. If not, then…well…ummm…yeah. So if 91% of people say they won’t buy from a company again if the experience with that company was bad, can a company survive on 9%? Probably... Continue Reading →

Friday Insights: Sticker Shock: The High Cost of Poor Customer Service

INSIGHT #5: Sticker Shock: The High Cost of Poor Customer Service I’m sure you’ve all heard this story before…it goes something like, “Happy customers are repeat customers, and repeat customers bring in new customers, and happy customers start with great... Continue Reading →

Friday Insights: Nice Guys Finish First

INSIGHT #4: It pays to be nice. Sorry. But it’s true. We wish it wasn’t. After all, who doesn’t want to be a narcissist, or a jerk, or a sociopath, or, at the very least, work for one?! Well, should... Continue Reading →

Friday Insights: Make Loyalty Worth It

INSIGHT #3: Make Loyalty Programs Worth It We’ve all been there. Whether you’re standing in line at the clothing store or checking out online, you’ve been hit with the “Signup today and save 15%” pitch. Sounds great for the immediate... Continue Reading →

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It.

Research shows that 87% of people’s opinions are formed based on the tone of our voice, while only 13% is based on the actual words we use.     So what does that mean for your organization? Uhhhhh…a lot? Yeah,... Continue Reading →

Friday Insights: Let’s Talk About Trust, Baby

INSIGHT #2: Develop Trust and Likability. There's an old business saying that goes something like, "People do business with people they like." Despite the eye-roll cynicism that surrounds most of these business power phrases, this one rings true. People (i.e. consumers)... Continue Reading →

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